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SuperHawk at Virginia International Raceway
Just got it home on Skyline Drive of cylinders!
Tapeworks kit, also in white Eagle Creek bag for map, cell phone, etc. Valve clearance check @ 600 miles, lots of fun...

If you plan to synchronize the carburetors more than once I suggest adding fittings and hoses to make it easier.

The parts are:16214-MB0 (joint, booster); 90452-323 (washer, thrust); plastic 'T', hose, ty-raps.

The cost is under $6 and I bet anyone who has done this will agree it's a bargain! Here's how...

Left side, added 'T' Top, added hose Right side, added fitting & hoses

The SuperHawk is 10 years old now and is down due to a really bad tank of fuel. After cleaning the entire fuel system I expect to have it on the road again in April 2008.

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