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a collection of vehicles from my past


I owned Corvairs from 1971 until November 1996. Some ran slow, some ran fast, and some came and went without ever moving under their own power. I still like Corvairs!

The Camaros came later, four (one of each generation) from 1980 until 2011. The 2010 Camaro does not look good to me, I will keep my '94!

Anyway here are some of my favorite rides.

'61 Corvair Lakewood 'Mary' station wagon in the high desert of Arizona. 1978-1993.
Reliable (for a Corvair), not enough power to break anything.
My daily ride for five years of Arizona heat, no A/C.  What was I thinking?
"Roach II" in the North Phoenix mountain preserve. 1979-1996
Completely updated in 1985 for Auto-X, it easily took the Tarheel C-Prepared championship including two FTDs.  Fast but not exactly streetable. Still no A/C.
'66 Monza Coupe
'68 Monza with V8 power '68 with V8 conversion in Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix AZ. 1971-1983 This was a daily ride for a few years but once converted to V8 power it never went more than a few miles from home before overheating. My skills at the time were not ready to build a car like this, now I have the skills but too much sense to do this again.
Wolf - 1976 LT/RS Camaro, 350 V8, at North Carolina Motor Speedway  1984-1989 Powerful, reliable, cheap, easy to work on.  I was hooked on V8 power for good. And it had A/C! Wolf - 1976 LT/RS Camaro
1985 VF500 1985 Honda VF500  1985-1998 
V4, 12000 rpm, traded in at 7500 miles in perfect condition.  Not ridden a lot but always ridden spiritedly.
Wolfette - 1989 RS Camaro, 305 V8   1989-1994
A smaller, more refined model than the 2nd gen but still as fast and better handling.
dusTBuster - 1991 Pontiac TransSport

One of GM's attempts at making a minivan with style, the vans never caught on. Fortunately one of the best features, lightweight individual seats, was carried over to the next generation. Also fortunately, the underpowered engine was not.

2001 Pontiac Montana

Overall a much better minivan than the TransSport but GM just could not learn how to sell minivans. The line was discontinued in 2008, leaving me with no clear upgrade path except to leave GM!

1994 Yamaha WaveRaider
Used more like a boat than a jetski, across 22 miles of open water to Ocracoke, *once* (this is Cape Lookout).

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